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POYNTE Teases New Video For Track “Take Control”.

POYNTE is poised to unleash a powerful video in March for their track “Take Control”. The second single and video from their critically acclaimed debut, ‘Discreet Enemy‘. The track is featured on over 50 online radio stations and will be serviced to terrestrial radio in March. “Take Control” was recently featured on the MMA World Series of Fighting on NBCSN.

Working with Director Andrew Burn, POYNTE shot the video in Atlanta recently and released a movie poster style image to excite their fans. Founding Guitarist Matt Bryant stated, “Everything we do has a purpose. From the intro of the album, to the artwork, to this video…it all ties together. We took our vision and the art that Alan Barnes created and we brought it to life and we can’t wait for everyone to see the end result.

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