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April 2016 Tour Journal Week One

OK ladies and gents, it’s that time again for my daily tour journal!

So…  Where to start? The beginning I suppose. We started our day early yesterday, doing some general maintenance to our van and trailer.  Bus call was 11am,  but in true POYNTE fashion we didn’t roll out till a half past noon… Daddy Rabbit, again…smh


With the extra time we had,  Bryan and I  set out to find a tour mascot. From this adventure

“Thuggy Bear” was born.  His back story has already become pretty evolved and you will be learning a lot about it in the coming weeks. 


Once we were on the road It was smooth sailing till we got to the mountains. What makes a POYNTE tour a POYNTE tour? Van and trailer problems. We had to pull over at a gas station and fix the wires that control the trailer brakes.  Apparently some debris from the road cut clean through them on our way down the mountain, which is a scary thought.


We finally made it to Clarksville unusually early for us but still late. Lol We set up our gear,  and commenced hanging out with fellow Atlanta natives, Almost Kings.  Expect a lot of shows coming up with those guys in the future. They were awesome and we really connected. They’re a lot of fun and just great people. Check em out!

Our manager actually made it out to the show as well! That’s always a good time. He took some photos of us live and helped with the live stream part of our show.  You can check that out on our Facebook if ya like..

We will be posting tons of pictures coming up as well.  After the show we hung out with everyone and headed out to our hotel for the night.  Overall,  perfect first day.  I’ll tell you about today’s adventures tomorrow!


Talk to you all soon – Matt

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