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“Take Control” Nominated For Video Of The Year At The GA Music Awards!!

Wow!! We are beyond humbled. We just found out that our video for ‪#‎TakeControl‬ is nominated for Video of the Year at the GA Music Awards!! Win or lose, this is amazing. If you have a moment, please give us a vote!!

While you’re there, don’t forget to vote for our producer Andy Reilly!!

Also, if you haven’t seen it yet…well, what are ya waiting for?!

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“Forever” Live in Atlanta!

Recently, we had the chance to rock our hometown of Atlanta with Filter and Orgy! It was an absolute blast! Check out “Forever” live at The Masquerade!

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Tour Photos - posted on May 8, 2016 by

POYNTE in Clarksville, TN at The Warehouse!

Check out these sweet photos by Jonathan Newsome. These were from one of our first shows from our “Take Control” Tour. Taken at The Warehouse in Clarksville, TN.

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April 2016 Tour Journal Week One

OK ladies and gents, it’s that time again for my daily tour journal!

So…  Where to start? The beginning I suppose. We started our day early yesterday, doing some general maintenance to our van and trailer.  Bus call was 11am,  but in true POYNTE fashion we didn’t roll out till a half past noon… Daddy Rabbit, again…smh


With the extra time we had,  Bryan and I  set out to find a tour mascot. From this adventure (more…)

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REVOLVER Magazine Debuts “Take Control” From POYNTE

The day has finally arrived. REVOLVER Magazine debuted our brand new video for our track, “Take Control“! It’s an absolute honor to be featured on such a huge site and we hope you enjoy the video. We sat out from the beginning to make a video that brought our artwork to life and we feel we did just that. Watch it, love it, share it!! #TeamPOYNTE

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News - posted on March 14, 2016 by

POYNTE Announces Premiere Date For “Take Control” Video On Revolver!!

We can finally announce that our video for “Take Control” is premiering on March 21st at Revolver!! We are beyond excited and hope you enjoy the teaser as much as we do. CAN NOT wait to see the finished product!! Leave us a comment if ya dig it!

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POYNTE Teases New Video For Track “Take Control”.

POYNTE is poised to unleash a powerful video in March for their track “Take Control”. The second single and video from their critically acclaimed debut, ‘Discreet Enemy‘. The track is featured on over 50 online radio stations and will be serviced to terrestrial radio in March. “Take Control” was recently featured on the MMA World Series of Fighting on NBCSN.

Working with Director Andrew Burn, POYNTE shot the video in Atlanta recently and released a movie poster style image to excite their fans. Founding Guitarist Matt Bryant stated, “Everything we do has a purpose. From the intro of the album, to the artwork, to this video…it all ties together. We took our vision and the art that Alan Barnes created and we brought it to life and we can’t wait for everyone to see the end result.

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We’re heading out on tour with Screaming For Silence and Guns Out At Sundown!

Alright folks! Here’s the announcement! We are heading out through the Midwest and down the East Coast with Screaming For Silence and our bearded brethren in Guns Out At Sundown! We are so excited to share a bill with these two bands. You won’t want to miss this tour!!

Screaming For Silence – The King Is Crowned:

POYNTE – Hold On:

Guns Out At Sundown – What’s Left Inside:

We have more dates to share, but here is what we’ve been cleared to share so far. Who will be seeing and where?!

Poynte Tour Dates
#TeamPOYNTE #POYNTE #DiscreetEnemy #TakeControl #WeAreComing #YouListening #ThankYou COLDCOCK Whiskey, Spector, Truth Custom Drums, InTune Guitar Picks, Inc.

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Josh Fulcher of POYNTE – Unboxing and jamming his Truth Custom Drums to our track Aberration

Check out our boy, Josh Fulcher, as he unboxes his Truth Custom Drums kit. He’s playing along with our track, Aberration!

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Kenny Hathorne shares the story of his horrific accident and the inspiration behind “Hold On”

We’ve mentioned that Kenny has a titanium jaw, right? Oh, you didn’t know that? Well it’s true and now you can hear, in his own words, what that experience was like for him.

It was also an inspiration for our track, Hold On. Check it out!!

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